Thursday, January 17, 2013

Deep Moment

I'm having one of those deep moments that happens every once in awhile.

Sometimes I just want to disappear for a minute, not in the sense of leaving my life to escape to a beach and be a bum or anything, but I just want to step outside myself for a moment.

For me this happens when I listen to music. When I am able to turn my Pandora radio to the Mumford & Sons station and just fall into the melody, the harmony, the lyrics and not be me, but be the music. Everything else fades into the distance and I don't have to focus my body, but just release my mind into the void.

I think many more of you would be able to relate this to reading a book. You open your book and you think to yourself you are just going to read for a half hour or an hour to pass some time before you have to start cooking dinner or go to class or what have you. You start reading, then your eyes are gliding over the pages, but you aren't reading anymore, you are the fly on the wall in the room with the characters. You are turning pages, but you are so entrenched in the rich imagery and descriptive language that when you realize you are indeed reading a book and not walking and talking with the characters you crash back to reality and fret that your husband is home from work and you still have to cook a meal or you are 30 minutes late to class.

It is in that moment that you exit your body and you disappear for a moment. You have submitted your mind to relax, to transcend yourself and the menial tasks of the everyday and just be. No concerns, no commotion, no commitments. I think in those moments you allow yourself, you are able to find a true meaning to yourself, to your actions, to your beliefs.

I'm not a super natural or earthy person or hippy, for lack of a better word, I'm not. But I do treasure those times when I can just put my life on hold to center myself again just disappear for a minute.