Monday, November 24, 2014

Emerson Update: 9 Months

Emerson Emerson Emerson. He is turning into quite the little boy!

At 9 months, Emerson:
- can growl like a tiger
- loves climbing
- can open cupboards and drawers by himself
- loves crawling in tunnels
- still hates being in his carseat
- bear crawls on hard floors and normal crawls on carpet
- head bangs for no apparent reason
- is so vocal and friendly to everyone
- won't sit still for a picture (as evident above)
- favorite book is "Is Your Mamma a Llama?" but generally loves books
- loves playing with other littles
- is very good at putting himself to sleep (thanks goodness!)
- loves music and knows a few tunes by heart (just a couple are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, All About That Bass, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Song)
- is not very snuggly, but is working on "kisses" with mommy and daddy

This little boy brings us so much joy. He is our little sweetie and just loves life. We have moved into our new apartment, which he loves exploring! He seems to be doing well with the adjustment, thankfully. We are really excited for the holidays coming up and can't wait to start our own family traditions!

Also, I have to put in a quick note about the Gerber Baby competition. So last month I found out that Gerber was having a competition to find the new Gerber Baby. Well I just had to send in a picture of Emerson!! So they have 6 age groups. The people vote for each age group and the winner of each age group gets $5,000, but official judges vote for the overall cutest baby, from all 6 groups and that winner gets like $50,000 and a year supply of Gerber food. Anyway, I thought it would be fun just to participate in it, but it has really taken off and Em has been getting a ton of votes! We don't know any official numbers, but I'm crossing my fingers for lots and lots of votes!!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Happy Halloweeney!

Jordan and I have been together for almost 4 years and during a majority of that time we have not really been big into all the holiday stuff and the traditions. Now that we have Emerson we are tying to be better about making family traditions and really making the holidays magical for him. Well Halloween day was an epic failure on our part, but I suppose he is still little so we always have next year to do trick and treating and such. We did go and do a couple different little fun things, so I'll share those.

We went to the Fall Festival that our church put on. There was a bounce house and carnival games and such, but we mostly walked around watching all the other little kids and played in the grass. Then a few days later we went to Nana's Fall Festival put on by her office and 3 or 4 surrounding offices! Emerson had so much fun watching all the other kids in their costumes and he, or course, got a TON of compliments on how stinking cute he was!! We did go to Uncle Mike and Aunt Kylie's house on Halloween with the intent to go trick-or-treating, but after dinner and playing and such it was a little too late for him to stay out, so we opted for candy Daddy brought home from the office. ;)