Our Story

For those of you that don't know, I am married to Jordan. He is a savvy, clever, funny, handsome man. Our story is my favorite story.

I started spring semester guns blazin' and excited to finish up my freshman year of college. April, May, and June came and went without any fuss. I was focused on my studies without much interference of the drama of boys...*cough cough*...well nothing that was super serious anyways. Well one day I was watching a World Cup match with some girls from the apartment downstairs and then this guy that my girlfriends were good friends with came in. I had seen him at church and talked to him a few times, but he wasn't interested in being my friend and he was dating my neighbor. So anywho...I'm chatting in the kitchen with the girls and he walks in and says "Dang girl, those jeans look good on you!" and I'm thinking to myself, "Whoa, where is this coming from? But thanks!!!" After the jeans incident I kept running into him. I found out he wasn't dating my neighbor anymore and so I figured he wanted a re-bound chick. I was not about to be that so I kept my guard up a little more than usual.

July first was our first date. We went on a triple date with his two best friends and their dates. We went out to the lake, rode quads, went in the paddle boat, roasted mallows, and sat under the stars by the fire talking about our dreams, passions, and the life we hoped we would live.

After our first date fate was pretty much sealed. We were together all the time. When he knew I was doing homework he would stop by to say hello and give me a little break from studies. Once I was sick and he "anonymously" dropped off flowers and a card. He always made me feel like a princess. Then he left for the summer.

Somehow it worked out so that I went to Texas to visit him and his family at the end of the summer. The first time I met his family his dad was welcoming me and accidently busted out with "Welcome to the family!" Instead of "Welcome to the home!" oh man, I was so embarrassed! This was in front of the WHOLE family! We had only been dating a month and he brought me home to the family, what a typical LDS couple! 

Finally we got back to school and not even a month later he proposed.

Those three and a half months from September, when he proposed, to January, our wedding date, passed by SO SLOW. I couldn't wait to be married to Jordan! January 15th finally came and we were wed in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple in Utah.

My initial thoughts of Jordan was right. He was not interested in being friends, he was interested in being so much more! Some days I wonder what the heck we were thinking/doing when we got together. He is everything I'm not and I'm everything he is not. We are complete opposite and some days I think we don't have anything in common. No matter how much of us doesn't appear to fit, we just do. I don't know how we do, but we do. We are a complete and utter mess and I love it.