Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy Father's Day

I'm amazed that June has already come and gone! Anywho, Jordan's first Father's Day was uneventful, but he was celebrated nonetheless. He is our favorite Daddy, we love him!

We, of course, had to get him the cliche tie gift for his first Father's Day ever. 

 Emerson wanted to do a little artwork for Daddy, so we made this little ditty.
"From the bottom of my heart,
to the tips of my toes, 
I love you!"

Em did pretty well with the first hand print, but on his second one he liked the squishyness of the paint so much he made a fist right as I put his hand on the paper.  For his first piece of "art" I'd say he did pretty well! Jordan was thrilled about his gifts and just loved being appreciated as the wonderful father he is.