Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Jordan!

We celebrated Jordan's birthday from Friday until Tuesday this past week, and boy howdy was it fun!!

Friday afternoon we went out to his parent's house, which is in Aubrey, Texas. They just bought a beautiful new home out there that is sitting on a few acres of land. We absolutely LOVE going out there because of the warm family atmosphere as well as the escape from the busy hub bub of the city.

We mostly just hung around waiting for dinner because we were having a REAL barbeque feast. Dad (Del, Jordan's dad) made a friend that has a heavy duty smoker and had been out with him the previous day smoking meat and we were about to enjoy the bounty of a hard day's work of smoking.

Jordan got the "You are special" plate for dinner, as per birthday tradition and he also got his ABSOLUTE favorite meal....ribs! He said they were the best ribs he has ever eaten...which is saying something because he eats ribs often. We all finished dinner and then played games for the rest of the night...well actually only is called Cover Your Assets and it has become our favorite game as of late.

The only one not pictured here is Ma (Marlys, Jordan's mom), but she was behind the camera. We played boys vs. girls and it was a pretty fun night!!

Jordan and I stayed the night at Mom and Dad's house and then woke up the next morning to a TV with more than eight channels, we're poor so we only get basic cable. We watched a little bit of TV and ate breakfast and then decided it was time to go out shooting.

 Here is Jordan trying to be a sharp shooter.

That right there is the next Annie Oakley!

After all the trash talking, competition shots, and exploded targets this is what we have folks! A 1 inch thick piece of wood. The hole on the left is Jordan's shot and the hole on the right is MY shot! We were probably 40-50 ft away from the target. I guess being a good shot runs in our family.

After target practice I headed over to Kylie's (Jordan's sister) house. We made some super cute flower clips for her baby girl, due in December, and had a ton of fun together, like usual! Once we were finished crafting we headed back over to Mom and Dad's house and all of us (Mom, Dad, Mike (Kylie's husband), Kylie, Jordan and myself) got ready to head out for Happy Birthday Dinner. 

 Isn't he a darn good lookin' man?!

We went to a little Italian place that Mom and Dad found in a nearby town. We ate dinner, which was pretty good, and opened presents. He is a business man now so I got him some well needed and well deserved dress shirts and some new business shoes. 

After dinner we had homemade molten lava chocolate cake and ice cream, played some more games, and hung out as a family. It was so nice to laugh and joke around and just enjoy the night. 

Sunday and Monday were fairly uneventful birthday celebration wise. Tuesday, his REAL birthday, I took Jordan out to his favorite restaurant for lunch, Chili's. Again he had ribs and another molten lava chocolate cake with ice cream. We did a little window shopping after that and then came home and had a relaxing yet romantic evening. 


Jordan turned 25 on September 25th. I'm told this is his "prime" year. I have had so much fun with Jordan the past couple of years and I'm excited for the next who knows how many. We have been together for a couple of years and it has just flown by, before I know it we will be old and wrinkly with our great grandchildren running around. I'm so glad to have such a wonderful husband...even if he is getting to be an old man! ;)