Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Easter!

Since Jordan and I have been married we haven't been ones to make any holiday celebration that big or important, but now that we have a child, albeit an infant, I have changed the rules and we now actually celebrate and are starting and making traditions! This year for Easter we had a family Easter basket, had an egg hunt, and had a big family dinner. Next year we'll probably dye eggs, but this year we had fun doing the things we did on Easter, both the commercial and religious activities.

Lookin' for the basket...

Nope, not there.

Or there...

Or there?

Found it!

What a basket!

The Easter Bunny did well!

Loving his new toy!

The Lotts are ready for Easter Sunday!

Getting ready for the Easter egg hunt.

Cousin Preston helping Emerson collect eggs.

Cousin Madison crackin' open an egg on the tramp.

Look at all of Emerson's eggs!

Papa and Preston pickin' in the strawberry patch.

Look what we eeeegggg!

Photo-op with Nana

We had such a wonderful Easter filled with family, love, and testimony of our Savior.