Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Emerson Update: 2 Months Old

Wowie Zowie! My little baby is already 2 months old, I can hardly believe it.

My little boy is starting to fill out and really get some chunk on him. I really don't mind because I honestly love smooshing my face into his little cheeks and attacking him with kisses!

At two months old Emerson:
-smiles at everyone
-watches and follows Mommy and Daddy with his eyes and head movements
-is on the verge of laughing
-gets cranky like his Daddy when he doesn't get food NOW!
-is a tooty Mctooterton
-is starting to jabber and "talk"
-loves his bouncer
-furrows his eyebrows like Mommy
-sticks his tongue out all the time
-is able to stay on his tummy for longer and longer
-puts himself to sleep most nap times
-loves sitting with Mommy outside and looking at Nana and Papa's backyard/garden
-only wakes up once at night (fingers crossed I didn't just jinx myself)
-is SUCH a happy and active baby