Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gone Crafting Crazy!

I was supposed to start training at Joann's last week, but it turned out that there weren't enough hours for me to come in and work a few days, so I had the whole week off! Long story short, I went craft crazy!

Wednesday afternoon I got together with one of my good gal pals, Amanda, and we tried our hand at making homemade lotion bars. They turned out pretty well!

** A couple of notes for future use: 1) I would highly recommend using silicone molds versus plastic or metal ones. 2) Next time I'm going to use raw cocoa butter or raw shea butter and not the cocoa butter that you can buy from Walmart. 3) I'm going to try a few different scents.

** I got my coconut oil from Kroger, beeswax and scent from Hobby Lobby (but if you can be patient and get it off the internet, you can probably get it cheaper and much better quality!), the body butter and Vitamin E (not pictured) from Walmart.

Thursday I woke up, ate breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen a little, and then went. to. town! First, I put up a decorative shelf in our bedroom and put pictures and little knick-knacks we've collected from trips on it. Next, I rearranged my living room (which was no small feat) and then took out all my extra decorations that were shoved away in my laundry room. I knew I wanted to use most of them so I re-vamped them to better incorporate each piece into my new rearranged living room.

This is what I came up with! *Deep breath!* Here we go!

I originally saw this idea on Pinterest, of course. I couldn't find any print-outs for the background, so I just made my own. I created mine in Photoshop, but you could easily create one with some cute scrapbooking paper and scrapbooking stickers/supplies.

Jordan and I see a ton of movies and since the tickets are small, I liked the look of the 8x8 shadow box rather than a larger 8x10 or 10x10, plus it is what I had tucked away in the laundry room.

In addition to a shadow box, there were also some of those collage frames. It took me awhile to decide on the pictures I wanted to put up, but eventually I decided on some older photos from vacations past and the reliable last name word art. 

Among other unused frames hiding in my laundry room was this bute!

Originally I liked the frame because of the dark accent it created, but after it being empty for almost a year, I decided to re-vamp it so it would be better suited for the color scheme I'm trying to develop in my home.

Boom baby! Silver can of spray paint + unused frame = delightful new decoration! I still wasn't quite sure what to put in the frame, so I had a major brainstorming session and decided to jump on the "subway art" bandwagon.

Voila! I'm so proud of how it looks! Quite eggcellent I'd say! Tee hee!

My last project of the day, in no way related to my home decor projects, also turned out to be fantastic! Again, I got the idea from Pinterest, however the website it originally came from was in a different language, so I pretty much had to go off of pictures and my own experience with sewing.

I had an old pair of jeans lying around that I didn't wear because the unflattering straight leg cut on me. I thought this project would be perfect for that pair. I was so excited about this project that I wanted more than one pair and I actually tried my luck at Goodwill and miraculously found a pair of jeans for $6.00 that fit perfectly!! My laced jeans turned out really well and I'm so excited to wear them around!!

 These were the jeans I had already and just cropped off. 

These are the jeans I got at Goodwill for $6.00!

I'm really happy I was able to reuse and recycle many items already at my disposal and that I was able to turn them into things I now adore. Here's to creativity! *Fist pump!*