Friday, April 5, 2013

Date Night Jar

I am so sick of Friday or Saturday night sneaking up on me and when I ask Jordan what sounds fun to do, neither of us can come up with something so we end up sitting on the couch and watching TV all night. I cannot tell you how many hours we have logged watching TV and movies...too many in my opinion. So, out of desperation I got onto Pinterest to see what everyone else in the wide world of cool ideas was doing and I stumbled upon the idea of creating a date night jar!

The concept of a date night jar is simple enough. Come up with a bazillion ideas, write them on sticks and when you are ready to go on a date just pull a stick and BAM there is your date....right on the stick! I looked at probably 10 or 12 different blogs to a) get a wide range of date ideas and b) to find the best way to organize the dates.

I ended up creating a date jar with three different levels or colors of date ideas.

The blue sticks are dates that cost little to no money and require little planning:
- Live local music
- Movie marathon
- Chick flick & popcorn
- Homemade pizza & an Italian movie
- Sodoku & Pancakes
- No electricity night
- Create a bucket list
- Look at dream houses
- Plan a trip (even if it is impractical)
- Take the Color Code test or Personality test together
- Wander around downtown
- Walmart Bingo (free printable found here)
- Go for a hike or nature walk
- 1,000 piece puzzle & pizza
- Blanket fort & movie
- Have friends over for game night
- Picnic at the park
- Window Shopping

The green sticks are dates that require an average amount of money and require little planning:
- Pottery painting
- Swimming at the YMCA
- Geocaching
- Dessert only date
- Dinner & Ikea
- Mini Golf
- Zoo Trip
- Studio Movie Grill
- Go to a comedy show
- Melting Pot
- Dinner & a movie
- Art museum visit
- Ice skating
- Bonfire & S'mores
- Top Golf
- Aquarium
- Arboretum
- Sporting event
- Drive-in movies
- Laser tag
- Hot cocoa & bookstore
- Bowling
- Reunion Tower
- Go play racquetball or tennis

The pink sticks are dates that require a higher amount of money and require planning:
- Weekend Getaway to Dallas
- Couple massage
- Dinner cruise
- Horseback riding
- Purchase a $50-$100 Groupon and use it
- Road Trip
- Dinner & a show (theater, concert, etc.)
- Dinner & the symphony

I had so much fun making my date jar and I discovered a ton of stuff there is to do in the Dallas area. Check around in your area and if you have white water rafting or paddle boarding or hot air balloon rides or sand castle building available and it is something you have always wanted to do....put it on a stick! You should tailor your date night jar to things you and your better half would enjoy!

Have fun ya'll!