Monday, March 18, 2013

Lott Family Update

The past month has been a huge whirlwind of craziness and stress and all that "stuff" adults have to deal with. Now that a majority of the drama and business has passed, I have gained a little perspective and I can now write about it all.

First things first, Jordan no longer works at the dry cleaner. I know... pretty big news! There were a couple nights we sat down and really had to hash out what we wanted, what our future held, our goals as a family, our goals as individuals, and all that kind of "life-changing" stuff. We came to the conclusion that Jordan needed to go back to school to finish up his Bachelors, and quite honestly he just could not do that working long long days at the dry cleaner. Also, because of the long hours it was really difficult to spend time together or even really go do anything at night because he had to be in bed by 8:30 p.m. in order to be well rested and ready to get up at 5:30 a.m. The combination of the two, going back to school and long hours, was enough to motivate him to leave the dry cleaner.

He now works typical 9-5 hours with a parking management company about a half hour from home. He really likes it and says it will be a good place for him! He will start school back up next month.

As for me, I still work at the pick-up/drop-off dry cleaner location. Although, I did get my dream job...can you guess where? Yup, Joann Fabric & Crafts! I'm so ecstatic! I'm sure lots of you are thinking to yourself "Why is she so excited? It is just a retail job!" Well, let me tell you. A majority of my working experience is in retail, not because I was "stuck" there, but because I liked it. I really enjoy how fast paced the environment is, all the different people that come in, and the opportunity for quick advancement. I like working in the retail environment and I LOVE crafting so, hey hey, look at that..a perfect fit! I start on Thursday and am getting antsy.

So until I prove myself at Joann, which I don't anticipate will take very long, I will work both jobs part-time. Not the most enjoyable thing in the world, but I've done it before...several times, so I'm not intimidated.

Also, some other new changes in our lives:
   - We are working really hard at eating clean. So far we have done pretty well and I am pleased with the new foods we've been trying, the way I feel, and my adventures to healthy/whole food stores.
   - We purchased a new car! It is a manual Honda Fit. It is a compact car, but the interior is surprisingly spacious! It compliments our Xterra nicely, I like to call our cars Bumblebee because of the yellow and black, I'm clever I know!

 - We are both trying to be more social. After we got married we went to church with people we knew were just going to move away in a semester so we didn't really try to get to know anyone. The first ward we were in when we moved to Texas was made up of mostly "older" families. I got to know some women, who I'm still friends with, but Jordan and I didn't really "fit in" because we are just a young couple with no kids and there was maybe one other couple like us. Our ward now, I absolutely love! There are a lot of "starter" families and young couples like us. I have gotten to know a ton of ladies and I love them dearly! Jordan hasn't really gotten to know anyone because he teaches kids every Sunday, so that limits him in meeting people, but he has expressed the desire to get to know some people...which is a great thing, in my opinion!

I think that is all of my exciting news! Lots of good changes happening and about to happen. I'm excited for life again and I recognize that the Lord knows me better than I know myself and blesses me with everything I could ever need.