Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dollar Store Shopping

I need to start this off by saying that I am cheap. If I can get away with buying something on clearance or at the dollar store I will do so. I have a hard time spending money on something I know I can get for a cheaper price and/or the quality of the item isn't the first thing on my priority list and that is why I'm doing a post on Dollar Store shopping!

I've been shopping at the dollar store for some time now and after much trial and error, I have decided to let my readers in on some things I've learned and open up the idea of paying $15 for 15 items instead of $50 for 15 items.

Here are a few things I buy frequently at the local dollar store:
  • Holiday Section- Usually there is quite a selection of holiday items. Any of you that have kids know that stuff gets ripped to shreds sometimes and so the Dollar Store is a great place to buy those chinky little holiday decorations. It is okay if they get demolished because you only paid a dollar for it, if it doesn't get demolished then great, use it again next year!
  • Greeting Card Section- We all know that when you go to Walmart or Target and you need a card you head straight to their .99 cent cards....well there is a HUGE selection at the dollar store and guess what...they are only $1! You can also get packages of 4 or 6 cards per pack....**GREAT DEAL ALERT!**
  • Gift Bags, Tissue Paper, Ribbon, Party Favors Isle-this section of the store literally blows me away! Even at Walmart you cannot get away with getting a GIANT gift bag for $1, heck, or even ribbon! There is a huge selection too! In addition to gift bags and the likes, there are different colored plates and cutlery and party decorations. *From experience, the paper plates are, meh, okay, but then again it is a paper plate.*

  •  Napkins / Toilet Paper Section- The napkins are great. *We thought it would be a good idea to stock up on toilet paper for the Dollar Store, in hindsight, it was a terrible terrible idea. If I had no other option, I would rather use leaves from a tree than that stuff again...just sayin'.
  • Kid Isle- They have a whole isle dedicated to the crap kids want...and even some gag gifts!
  •  "Office Max" Isle- This isle is like walking into heaven for someone that loves office stuff. To list a few items: pens, pencils, envelopes, tape, poster board, notebooks, page protectors, peechee folders, shipping items, clipboards, note cards, and stationary galore! People, you don't need to be paying $6 for a pack of two pens...that is outrageous!

  •  Personal Hygiene Isle- I typically don't buy any of the shampoo, conditioner, or body lotion from the Dollar store, but I did see that they had toothbrushes! The next time I need to purchase a toothbrush/toothpaste, I'm getting them from here. Even though I haven't purchased their liquidy products I have purchased a shower cap (which is still in good shape), loofah scrubbers, emery boards, nail polish, makeup brushes, and bobby pins.   

  •  Food Isles- There are a couple food isles here although nothing of note, or I guess I should say healthy. They do have a candy section though and when Jordan and I go to a movie and would like to take a treat with us ( "aren't supposed to do that") we purchase our treats at the Dollar Store. There is a ton of name brand candy and in perfectly portioned sizes, aka small.
  • Storage Section- I have been very impressed recently because my local Dollar Stores have been offering storage bins! They are just like the kind you get at Walmart or Target for upwards of $5! I did purchase one and it takes an extra second or two to make sure it is clamped shut, but it works just the same! They have lots of different sizes and shapes (baskets, pitchers, water bottles, food storage containers, etc.)
  •  Cleaning Section- This section of the store it quite large with lots of variety. There are brooms, dustpans, dusters, dish scrubbers, dish soap, spray bottles, sponges, cleaning agents, and air fragrances. I've used the dish soap (it does the job), but no other cleaning agents. I've purchased their scrubber brushes and I think you get the most bang for your buck with the hard bristle ones! I've never tried any of the air fragrances, but I probably wouldn't...they look a little shady.

  • Kitchen Accessories Isle- This isle is PACKED with great items, in fact, it is one of my very favorite isle in the whole store! There are utensil type items, cheese graters, pot holders, bag clips, potato peelers, sandwich baggies, gallon baggies, foil, wax paper, brown bags, salt and pepper shakers, anything you might need, okay, not really anything, but almost anything basic. I get all my baggies here because they work great and guess what....they are only $1! My latest sandwich baggie box came with 60 baggies....that is about .016 cents a bag. **GREAT DEAL ALERT!**
  •  Some Dollar Stores also have small sections of picture frames, vases, decorative/gift baskets, silk flowers, household items, books, and balloons, to name a few. 
Some people have the concern of going to the Dollar Store and purchasing something only to have it break or not work the way they wanted it to..and to that I smart about your purchases. The quality doesn't really matter with some things, like a birthday card or foil. You can play with, try, or test just about everything you are unsure about. It is just like any other store...if it doesn't look reliable, look elsewhere to purchase.

If you aren't sure if the Dollar Store will sell what you are looking for just go and check it out, look around, and be creative. With a little imagination you may just be able to come up with your own Pinterest idea! ;)

I highly recommend taking a trip to your local Dollar Store establishment to see how much money you can save. I have not been paid by any companies to write this article/review/post, these opinions and recommendations are given of my own free will and the pictures were taken covertly and secret-agent-spy like. 

Happy shopping ya'll!