Friday, February 1, 2013

Paper Rosette Tutorial

I recently posted a picture of my most recent craft Valentine's Day wreath! There was a ton of interest in it and so I figured I'd repost the tutorial in case any of my readers wanted to also make a Valentine's Day wreath similar.


HERE is the complete tutorial that I found. It is very thorough and I found it easy to follow.

I did a few things differently than she did.

1) I accidentally bought a foam ring with a 14 in. diameter instead of a 12 in. diameter and that is why my wreath doesn't look quite as full as hers, but if you want to add a banner or some kind of something else the 14 in. is perfect.

2) She used a spray adhesive to apply glitter all over...I used modge podge and applied it to individual rosettes and then dipped the flower edges in glitter. Total creative freedom here, glitter all over, glitter here and there, or none at all....your call!

3) She did not do any extras, like I did with the LOVE banner. Honestly, I was going to stop with the rosettes, but once I was done I didn't think it looked full and I was scrambling to find something else. I was inspired to do the banner by this tutorial. I liked the banner, but I just didn't have the desire to go back out to the store to get some felt and blah blah blah, so I took a look in my collection of craft supplies and pulled out my white burlap (from a lamp shade I made), my reliable old puffy paint, and some old yarn (from a failed scarf attempt)...I would have liked to use twine, but I didn't have any. I opened a Word document and typed up LOVE, large print, basic font, and printed. I measured my burlap based on the size of the letters, leaving a little extra on top to be able to fold over the yarn and hot glue. I put the burlap over the printed letters and, since the burlap is semi-see-through, traced the letters with my puffy paint, let dry. Then I took each letter and, like I mentioned earlier, made a little fold of the burlap, placed the yarn in the crook of the fold, and glued the edges down to hold the burlap in place. Repeat for all the letters. Then I measured the yarn to the wreath and glued.

I'm not good at explaining myself, so I hope that wasn't was easy for me, but I know some people have a harder time at conceptualizing things without pictures. Maybe one day I'll try my hand at a real tutorial.

Some advice I would give when you are crafting though....let the supplies that you already have inspire you. You bought each of those items with a purpose and because you liked them. You spent 30 minutes in the ribbon isle because you wanted the perfect color ribbon, you looked at at least 100 panels of fabric for just the right color scheme, and you certainly didn't just pick your craft tutorial willy nilly. For example, the white burlap I used for my lamp...yeah, I've used it for about 3 or 4 other projects. Anyways...the point is, let yourself use what you know you already like and go from there. Don't be upset if something goes wrong, unless it is with paper...then you're done for. Haha! Be inspired and just go with it!

Happy crafting!