Friday, May 9, 2014

Whole30 Update: Week 1

Alrighty folks,

Week 1 I felt went really well, minus one huge problem: a huge decrease in my breastmilk. First I want to talk about the good things I noticed.

During week 1 I noticed I am sleeping better (minus midnight feedings), my mind feels clearer, my body feels good, I have energy (despite midnight feedings), and I have been making some really delicious food!

During the beginning of week 1 however, I noticed Emerson getting frustrated during his evening meals and I wondered what in the heck was going on - whether it was just him being grumpy or if I wasn't producing enough milk (which wasn't possible because I was basically a dairy cow -being able to feed him a full meal and then pump 8+ ounces after that!!). One night after feeding him I pumped for 10-15 minutes and got less than one ounce. Of course I started freaking out and researching the effects of Whole30 on breastfeeding mothers. I found a ton of people saying that their milk decreased for the first week, but then went back up after a couple days. Well I tried for 5 days to eat more than I already was...which was actually a lot, and now after doing this for a week my milk supply hasn't gone back up and last night I had to pull out some stored breast milk in order to fill Emerson. I spoke with Jordan and my fellow Whole30-er and SIL Kylie and I decided that I can't do Whole30 the way the program was designed. Having enough breast milk to feed my baby is 1000 times more important to me than this diet. Now, I do believe that for people who do the program they will see results and for some breastfeeding moms it may not be a problem, but for me and Emerson this is not the case. I have to reincorporate some other foods besides meat, vegetables, and fruits. If I dried up because of this I'm not sure I could forgive myself.

After one week I do feel like I've gotten back on track and am eating in a way that supports all my health goals. I'm back to "just" eating clean... and for me that is okay. :)