Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Emerson Update: 3 Months

Oh my little baby is growing up so fast!!

At 3 months old Emerson:
-is starting to giggle
-is a pro at rolling from tummy to back
-is holding his head up with more control
-loves sitting up and is getting quite the little abs and trying to pull himself to sitting position
-has discovered his hands and loves to chew on them
-loves going outside
-is so happy and smiley, when he isn't hungry
-loves TV
-loves talking even more than he did last month
-prefers sleeping on his side or tummy
-has started taking naps in his crib rather than his bassinet
-has started wearing cloth diapers!

 Like I said, a pro and rolling over!

I had a thought last night that was actually quite interesting. My thought was "I finally love this kid of mine!" Now before you freak out, let me explain. I have loved Emerson since I knew he was in my womb, but something is different now. Now that I understand his cries, now that he looks for me when others are holding him, now that we are a team working together instead of trying to find our "flow." I miss him when I'm not around him, I'm jealous when others make him giggle, I enjoy him even when he is crying. I love this child. He is so precious and he makes me so happy!!