Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Orchid: My New Obsession

So I realized I have a relatively new obsession: orchids. Yes, orchids, the plant. It all started when my mom came to visit in February. On her last day here in Dallas we went to Lowe's and got a few different plants to spruce up my apartment. One of the plants we got was an orchid. It was on clearance because it had lost all of its flowers and the leaves were looking a little unhealthy, so we figured "why not?" and gave it another chance to live.

From February to now I have taken care of my little orchid the best I knew how and after hours of research and reading and watching videos I have learned that I was almost completely dead WRONG about everything I thought I knew about taking care of an orchid. Sob!

So, my birthday present to myself this year was an investment in the right planting media, orchid fertilizer, AND a new, but unhealthy orchid (I'm hoping I can bring it back to life!).

This is my older orchid. The leaves are hardy, but the root system is very small considering I had to trim the rotten and dead roots. I'm hoping this one will live, but I won't know for a few more months.

This is the base of the same plant. As mentioned before, I had to trim a bunch of the root system, but I have read that as long as the plant isn't completely brown then there is still a chance I can bring it back to life....so at this point I am really just hoping for the best. As some of you might notice, I had to chop off the shoot so that the plant could really focus all its energy on growing a good root system....it is pretty sad looking right now!

Here is my new orchid!

I'm happy that I was able to find a plant that had two shoots, even if it is in poor condition. While I was at the store I asked the workers there if they would be able to drop the price because of the poor condition the plant was/is and they ended up dropping the price by half! I'm totally stoked that there are so many possibilities for future flowers on this plant, times two!! I will make sure to post update pictures in a few months!!