Sunday, February 2, 2014

36 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along? 36 weeks

Total weight gain: I've gained a total of probably 30-ish pounds. I'm amazed at that number! Other than the obvious weight gain in my stomach, my body has pretty much stayed the same...I'm sure I'll realize where all the extra weight is all "hiding" after the baby is born.

Maternity clothes? Holy cow yes! Now that I am am almost done and am the biggest I've even been I find that stretchy yoga pants and my biggest lounging t-shirts are the most comfortable, although even those are getting to be on the constricting side! Gah!

Stretch marks? Unfortunately yes. I had some on my sides and those have gone up in number and I did find a couple small ones next to my belly button the other day....sad! I broke down and bought some Bio-Oil the other day. I know I'll probably get more stretch marks, but I'm hoping the Bio-Oil will at least help a little!

Sleep: As with the rest of my pregnancy some nights are better than others. I wake up quite often to adjust sleep positions, which is either my right side or my left side, both are uncomfortable. I'm a tummy sleeper and I can't wait for this lil babe to be here so that I can get back to sleeping on my tummy, when I can get some sleep. More and more often though I am getting only a few hours of sleep during the night and then just rest or take naps during the day.

Best moment this week:  This week when I went to the doctor she was very pleased with the way he sounded, the amount of weight I've gained, and really enthusiastic about my last few weeks. It made me feel great to know everything is going well! I also have gotten a couple massages over the past few weeks and they have been a true God send!

Miss anything? I miss being able to bend over comfortably, for example: shaving, picking up the socks off the ground, tying my shoes, pulling up my pants, getting a good wipe (ladies you KNOW what I'm talking about), sitting at the computer, and the list could go on.

Movement: Very much so! There are days where he is a bump on a log and then there are other days where he is a little ninja. His favorite place to hang out is up in my ribs. I've realized when he starts getting kick crazy, all I need to do it rub my belly, or essentially him, and he will calm down and quit gettin up in my grill!

Food cravings: No dire cravings, but if I see something that looks good I can't NOT get it or else I will crave it!

Anything making you queasy or sick: This pregnancy I haven't had any trigger smells or anything and I'm far enough in that most of that queasy feelings have dissipated. I have, however, been having monster cases of heartburn! :(

Gender: It's a boy! Can't wait to meet my little prince!

Labor signs: Now, since this is the first time I've had to really pay attention to whether or not I've got labor signs I'm going to have to say no. I've been having cramping, but at random times and for no significant period of time. Braxton Hicks I'm sure, but nothing to really note.

Symptoms: This past week I think I reached a "special" point in my pregnancy. For the majority of my pregnancy I've been very level headed and haven't had too many emotional ups and down, but this last week ended that. Most of the time when I'm home I don't know what I want to do, to make, to eat, anything. On top of that there are times when all I want to do is just cry....for no reason at all, just cry. Weird! Still no bloating or swelling, thank heavens. I have raging heartburn, mostly at night. I have been very forgetful lately, coming up with simple words is a constant battle and it is only getting worse! It is getting harder and harder to reach something on the floor or get up off the couch! 

Belly button in or out? For now, the majority of my belly button is in, but there is a small part that is beginning to protrude a little sure is putting up a good fight!

Wedding rings on or off? AHHH!! I've been dreading this question! I had to take my wedding ring and my other ring off and replace them with bigger sized rings. That lasted all of a week and now my fingers are screaming at me to take off all rings all the time! Bummer!

Happy or moody most of the time: I am happy most of the time, but I did mention before that I'm always in a crying mood. I have noticed that I am a little snappier than usual. Sorry Jordan! :(

Looking forward to: In a week I will be having a second baby shower and I am SO excited for that! I'm excited to see what we get so that we can finally put the finishing touches on the nursery! My mom will be flying down in 2 weeks 6 days.....yes, I'm counting down!! She will be here for 10 days and I could not be happier, it will be the longest period of time I've spent with here in probably 2 years at least. And finally, I am so excited for this little baby boy to come. Very frequently I find myself turning to Jordan and saying "isn't it crazy we are going to have a little baby?!" I say it so often because I am still blown away at how very soon there will be the 3 of us, not 2, but 3!! It really is mind blowing!