Monday, October 15, 2012

Job Update!

Good Mornin' Ya'll!

So I just thought I would give everyone an update as to the status of the dry cleaning operation I posted about a few weeks ago.

Drum roll please! After all the waiting and anticipation, we have FINALLY taken over and are now working at the dry cleaners!

This past week Jordan and I started training with the previous owner, Song. He is a Korean guy that has been in the business for ten years, so he know his stuff! He has been training Jordan and me quite intensely for the past week making sure we understand all the steps and all the details that go into making a dry cleaner successful.

The process at a dry cleaner is pretty easy to remember, it is all the little details that get me caught up. The basic process is as follows: go through the clothes and create an invoice for the order, tag the clothes with the customers info and invoice number, sort the clothes into their respective bins for cleaning, clean/wash the clothes, dry/press the clothes, inspect for perfection, sort clothing and match to their invoice number, place on conveyer belt, wait for customer to pick up their clothing.

Within each step of the process there are TONS of details you have to remember, for example, what the difference between a sweater, a sweater top, a sweater jacket, and a heavy sweater are because they are all different and have different prices in the system. The the most important step that Jordan is learning is what cleaning product takes out what stain and making sure the correct clothing (rayon, wool, cotton, polyester) goes into the proper machine for cleaning. Like I said, lots to learn.

I don't know if many of you know this (I didn't) but in the dry cleaning business there are two different kinds of dry cleaning places. First, there is just a normal drop-off location. This where customers bring in there clothing to have cleaned. Second, there is a store called a "plant." This is where the actual cleaning gets done. We have one of each, a drop-off location and a plant. This past week I've been training at the plant, but this week I'm going over to the drop-off location to train/take over. After last week I think it might be best if Jordan and I work in separate places...for our marriage's sake! ;)

There are many really great existing characteristics about the business as-is, but Jordan and I are excited to change some things we think might make the business even better! There will be some ideas, I'm sure, that will flop, but I know there will be some really really great ideas that will inspire growth.

Overall, the experience has been exhausting yet so rewarding. We are so so grateful to finally be working and I'm so elated that Jordan can finally be doing what he has wanted to do his whole life, be his own boss, but only while he is as work. ;) I'm so thankful for those surrounding us that have supported us and cheered us on from the beginning. Over the past few months I have, again, realized that the Lord has His hand in my life. His timing is perfect, His will is perfect. I'm so thankful for the struggles Jordan and I have gone through the last little while, for without those, this time in our life could not have been so sweet.