Monday, January 26, 2015

Emerson Update: 11 Months Old

Next month my baby will be 1! NEXT MONTH! How insane is that?! Oh what a ride it has been! Each month that passes Emerson shows more personality and is really developing a ton of new skills!

At 11 months, Emerson:
-is starting to dance
-can get off of the couch and Mommy and Daddy's bed all by himself, "feet first!"
-can sign "more" and "all done"
-can eat and eat and eat
-is starting to jump in his crib
-wants to explore everywhere, there is no where he won't go
-is SO friendly, he wants to love on everyone
-gives Mommy hugs and kisses (mouth open) all day long
-loves animals
-is starting to walk and take a few steps on his own!
-is starting to talk, words like "Mamma" and "Bye Bye" are frequent in our house
-has really started showing interest in developing different motor skills
-has switched to a big boy car seat!
-loves blueberries and bread