Friday, October 24, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

 Last week we went over to Celina and went to this super cute pumpkin patch/petting zoo! This was the first time in quite a few years that I had visited a pumpkin patch and it was so fun! We didn't ride the hay ride because Emerson was a little grumpy towards the end, but overall he had so much fun too.

These guys would line up and wait for you to come feed them! There were times where they were climbing over each other just to get the nibble of food in our hands, it was a riot!

Oh my gosh! This kid owns my heart!

He likes to crawl in the grass, but for some reason he doesn't like his knees to touch the grass so he bear crawls it. No big deal! ;)

I know I'm not really one for telling stories, mostly because I'm terrible at it. I'm either too long winded or I don't give enough details, so sorry for the lack of story just have to settle for a story told with pictures. Sorry I'm not sorry!