Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Baby Shower

Before Emerson was born I was fortunate to have two fantastic baby showers thrown for me! One by my cousin Becky and one by my MIL, Marlys. Both were well attended by phenomenal women I admire and love.

Here are a few pictures from the shower thrown by my cousin, Becky.

Yes, we did fondue! 

I was completely spoiled!

The whole gang (minus a couple)

Omo and Aunt Heidi

 My fabulous friend Katherine

Another gem, Anastasia 

All the cousins

Marlys and Kylie

The Hostess

This is my favorite picture from the day!!

Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of the shower my mother-in-law threw for me, but it was just as fun as my first shower! I want to give a special thanks to Becky and Marlys for taking the time to plan and throw me the festive showers. I'd also like to say thank you thank you to all that came and celebrated the beginning of a new life, our little Emerson.