Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DIY Cloth Wipes

For quite awhile now I have been thinking about and researching cloth diapers. I've been excited about how much money they save and the numerous pros they have for the child ( fewer diaper rashes, help with potty training earlier, etc.). It has been so interesting looking at different diaper brands and all the different versions of diapers, I have learned so much, but I won't go into that now.

A couple of weeks ago I was watching a video laying out the top 5 best accessory type things to have to help make the cloth diapering lifestyle easier/better. One thing the video talked about were cloth wipes and I thought that that was a genius idea! I waited until the flannel at JoAnn's was on sale and then I took the leap and bought some to make my own cloth wipes. Here is a quick overview of what I did and how they turned out.

I bought a quarter yard (9 inches) of about 12-13 printed flannels and 3 solid flannels which ended up being about $12 in total. I figure if I don't like the whole cloth wipe thing there wasn't a huge investment in them, no harm, no foul. Once I got home with the fabric I pre-washed it to get any of the shrink out.

After everything was all washed and dried, I measured and cut my fabric. I did 8x8 squares, with a couple smaller and larger pieces to use up my fabric. I was able to get about 5 squares with each quarter yard. I tried to use two of the same printed flannel for one wipe, but there were a few odd pieces that I backed with a solid color flannel.

Once all my squares were cleaned up and cut I sewed two squares right side together.

Once all THAT was done, I turned them all right side out, pressed them, and sewed a little edging on to give them that polished look.