Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Holidays

Oh man, Jordan and I had SUCH a wonderful Christmas weekend!

Saturday we both got off work early, came home and packed up our clothes, pillows, and Christmas presents and headed out to Mom and Dad's house for a well-deserved long weekend! Saturday night we all played games and hung out by the fire. We made Christmas cookies and enjoyed company. Grandma Shirley (Del's mom) flew down from Utah the day before so it was nice catching up with and spending some time with her. At the end of the night we pumped up the air mattress and settled in for the night.

Sunday we all slept in and then went to Church. Afterwards, Mike, Kylie, and Preston came over as well as cousins Sean and Becky! We had a big Christmas dinner, played some games, ate Christmas treats, took some family pictures, and called it a night. It was nice to see Sean and Becky, although we don't see them as often as we'd like we like spending time with them and catching up on their lives! Yet again, as the night ended we snuggled up on our air mattress and settled in for the night.

Christmas Eve was a very relaxed day. Everyone mostly did their own thing. Dad and Grandma made candy, Mom blogged, Jordan and I watched holiday movies, but at times we all came together and guess what.....played more games. At about 8:30 p.m. we got a call from Kylie and she and Mike said they were on their way over from Mike's family party and that they were going to stay the night! So, once everyone was in bed the house was FULL! Mom and Dad were in their room, Kathryn in her room, Grandma in the spare room, Jordan and I were on a blow-up mattress in the office, Preston was in his crib in the mini-office, and Kylie and Mike made a pallet in the living room out of the couch cushions! Whew!

Christmas morning was fun because everyone got to wake everyone else up! We had a traditional Christmas morning with wonderful presents and a huge breakfast! Jordan and I were able to video chat with my family while they were opening presents, which was super fun to get an update on everyone "in person" and see what everyone got. After the events of the morning were over we showered and then ended up taking naps. When I woke up from my nap the ground was covered in SNOW! North Texas and the ground was covered in snow! It was amazing! I was sure glad that Dad and Jordan had gotten a fire going so I could sit by it and stay nice and warm! Around 2:30 everyone got bundled up and got in the car to go see Les Miserables! Because of the weather it took us a little longer than expected to get to the theater, but we got a great seat on opening day nonetheless! Our last holiday hoorah as a family was sitting in the theater enjoying a musical, haha! After the movie we said our good-byes and all headed home.

Jordan and I had such a wonderful weekend and it was really hard to snap back into reality! Back to the grind of the dry cleaner, back to the grind of having to cook again, back to the grind of cleaning the house, ugh. Once all is said and done though, we made some really great memories and had SUCH a great time. This Christmas will be a hard one to beat next year!