Monday, August 27, 2012

What an adventure!

The past couple months have been exciting and frustrating and crazy all rolled into one!

As many of you know, Jordan is an entrepreneur by trade. He loves business and money and especially the idea of being filthy stinking rich! Over the past couple years he has had probably seven or eight business ideas including but not limited to a hot chocolate bus, fuel treatment products, insurance investments, party equipment rentals, and baby teethers. His latest idea was called Trash Butler, a valet trash service for apartment complexes. He worked extremely hard trying to get it up and running, but it just was not happening for him, probably for lack of funds, but after three months of nothing he decided to put Trash Butler aside and begin the job hunt once again. After a few weeks he found a managerial position with a pest control company. He was doing really well and quickly picking up the necessary skills and then the unthinkable happened: he was approached with the ultimate entrepreneur's dream of buying a business. What business you ask? Chick-fil-A....okay, not really, but we are going to own a Chick-fil-A one day so we can eat all the waffle fries and chicken burgers we want for free! Okay, okay, I'll tell you! Jordan was offered to co-own a dry cleaner!

Of course we put a lot of thought and prayer into the decision, but we decided that we were all in and we were going to jump in feet first into this dream offer! He ended up quitting the pest control job in June and has been waiting to go to Canada since. Why Canada? He has connections in Canada with a successful dry cleaning chain and so who better to learn from than someone with a booming business? He is training up there for a week, learning all the ins and outs of a successful dry-cleaning business and then will be coming back here to Texas to get started on creating his own multi-million dollar establishment (like I said dream ;) ).

Now how do I fit in the picture?? When we first moved down here to Texas I got two jobs. I was working as a receptionist at Massage Envy and also a part-time assistant at Eldorado Chiropractic. Well in March the receptionist at Eldorado Chiro left, so the doc offered me the full-time position in the clinic. I ended up quitting at Massage Envy, much to my dismay, and taking the full-time position. There were some really fantastic people at Massage Envy and I made lots of friends. I advanced quickly in my position and I was sad to leave, but ultimately the decision came down to what was best for my family. Since March I've been working as the one-and-only receptionist/customer service rep/biller/janitor/errand runner/anything else he needed, but last week I put in my two weeks notice. This is my last week here and I'm so excited. This job has been a real learning experience and a wonderful opportunity to grow in many unexpected ways, but I'm ready to move on. Once I finish with this job I'm going to take some time off, a week or three I'm not quite sure. After I get bored at home I'll start working with Jordan at the cleaners!

I'm so excited for this chance to make ourselves successful and hopefully filthy stinking rich!